GLN People Plan


The Government Legal Network has an ambitious plan for providing rewarding career pathways, developing the next generation of leaders and leveraging the collective expertise of a diverse workforce.

Our purpose of providing expert legal advice to the Crown has human outcomes.  People are at the heart of what we do.  They are also at the heart of who we are and how we deliver our services.  We have a sense of responsibility towards the people we serve and to each other as colleagues.

We recognise the strong link between career and legal stewardship and we take a purposeful approach to the development, movement and diversity of talent.  The Government Legal Network is rich with opportunities and our value as an employer is credible and strong. 

We need to sustain this excellence in the future.  High performance, client affinity and trusted collaboration will remain essential in an environment of technological advance and continued change.

The Solicitor-General, as head of the government legal profession, has a vision for collaborative, indispensable legal service. In the GLN People Plan, we have identified the following priorities to bring that vision to life:

  • Diversity and inclusion:  valuing differences in cultural perspective and recruiting to reflect the population we serve.  This will involve a particular focus on strengthening engagement with Māori and Pasifika lawyers; and enhancing the Network's knowledge of te reo and tikanga Māori.
  • Talent development and movement of lawyers around the Network:  working across departments to provide secondment and mentoring opportunities that provide meaningful access to new career pathways; expanding our summer clerk and graduate programmes; developing a buddy programme for lawyers new to government; and scoping flexible working in order to increase the accessibility of rewarding careers to a wider pool of potential.
  • Leadership development:   developing clear expectations for the skills, experience and attributes we expect to see in our senior leaders; introducing a systematic approach to identifying and developing the next generation of those leaders; and providing Chief Legal Advisors with the support and connections they need to build expert teams of influence.
  • Consistent position descriptions and competencies:  clarifying career pathways; enhancing the ability to move talent across departments; and defining a common understanding of high performance to give lawyers and their managers a networked approach to mentoring and progression.
  • Scoping changes in technology and practice management:  researching developments in process automation and artificial intelligence; assessing technology options that will reduce administrative tasks and allow lawyers to focus on providing substantive advice; enhancing our online training offerings;  coordinating practice management systems across government where appropriate; and collating workflow data in order to ensure our technology investments are wise and balance our day-to-day and innovative needs.

The Plan contains sixteen ambitious projects that will be prioritised and implemented over the next four years.  In the GLN spirit, these projects will be led and delivered by government lawyers who are keen to shape our working context.  Importantly, the plan and its practical initiatives will remain responsive to that context and will be refined and developed over time. 

If you are practising in government and want to lead or participate in a GLN People Plan project, please contact us. We welcome your input and innovation!